Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's been 10 months!??!?

Well, at least it hasn't been a year since I last wrote... just by a couple months. You all know how it goes. Life gets busy, things happen, you get lazy in the blogging world, and it is the least of your worries. I know those who have read my blog in the past are just DYING for a new post, so here ya go. Lets see what has happened in the past 10 months...

My baby is a toddler now. Ridiculous, right? How is that even possible? She is one sassy character. Definitely a girly girl. Can't go a day where she doesn't ask for lip gloss or makeup. She loves, LOVES princesses, however, can't say the word Princess. How does she say it you ask? "Shit." What? Yes, she pronounces Princess- "shit." We break it up for her, and the conversation goes like this.
Mom: Say "prin"
O: "pin"
Mom: Say "cess"
O: "cess"
Mom: Say "princess"
O "shit"

Yeah, we have no idea what to do with her. It's how she has said it for months now and we cannot change it at all. It is absolutely hilarious and definitely a conversation starter. Don't even get me started on her pronunciation of "frog."
Other than that, she has become one smart cookie. Loves to count and do her ABC's. I mean, this kid is obsessed with learning. Don't get me wrong, its great, but I am pretty sure I just wanted to goof off when I was a kid. She must get it from her dad. She makes being a mom so fun. Gives everyone loves and kisses and is a pro at giving knuckles. I love being able to stay at home with her, even the days where she just talks my ears off! I wouldn't change it for the world. I was always nervous about having a little girl as my oldest child, but I can't imagine a better way to start off parenthood than with her. I guess she's pretty great. :)

What a stud. He graduated college in December, and had a job immediately after, and he is just incredible. He is now teaching at a high school here in Logan, and absolutely loves his job. He loves connecting to the kids and is just so good at it! Maybe cause he's still a big kid at heart. Yep. He is dead serious about his ward basketball on Wednesday nights. He will come home completely drenched and out of breath and I just marvel at how much a person can be so dedicated to such an intense and serious sport. Ward ball can be deadly, and that's because of Tony. He's a beast!! Tony is also just ITCHING to get out and golf. Winters are hard for golfers, so for his birthday I got him a PGA Golf Pass. He is now FORCED to play a bajillion games this Summer at the best courses in Utah. Oh darn. I'm excited for him. He is an incredible father and husband. I am spoiled, guys. Seriously. Back and foot rubs every day. He is a cleaning machine (cause sometimes I REALLY suck at keeping things tidy.) If I am dying for girl scout cookies, he says done. Olivia and I are lucky girls, that's for sure.

Well, after 10 cold hard months of Postpartum Depression (Maybe I'll have to give a long post about that, it was hard stuff guys) I'm finally feeling amazing once more. It was definitely one of the more trying times of my life. I love life. I love my family. I love the gospel even more than I ever have. Oh yeah, if you hadn't heard, I'm pregnant AGAIN!! What the crap did we do? We had such a good thing going! Olivia sleeps 12+ hours a night!! We have a rockin routine! Our life was perfection!!! But then again, when you get a prompting from Heavenly Father, you can't deny it. So bam, here I am, 21 weeks pregnant WITH A BOY! Terrified much? Yes. Is Tony beyond excited to get a golfing buddy? You betcha. It will definitely be a new adventure. I'm kind of worried at how Olivia is going to take to being a big sister. We have been trying to play big sister with her baby dolls, but her definition of putting her babies night night is smothering them to the ground with a blanket.... Sooo we shall see.  July keeps getting closer and closer, and this pregnancy is going lightning speed. Yikes! We're going to be a family of 4! So weird to say.
So in other news WE ARE MOVING!!! Don't worry Logan friends, we're still going to be in town, but we have a screaming opportunity. Tony's great uncle and aunt are going on a mission, so they need someone awesome to house sit for 18 months! Thank heavens we're awesome. We get to live in a gorgeous house, rent free, for a year and a half, and we move in three weeks. Yeah we found out the other day, and I might have had a tiny panic attack. That is so soon!! We have loved our apartment for the past 2.5 years, and we are sad to leave, but extremely excited about this new adventure. So if anyone you know is looking for an awesome apartment for cheap in Logan, message me for the details! We have seriously loved every minute here.

I think that's a good ending point for the day. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay!!! I am one who has been DYING to get an update! :) Olivia is beautiful! She is so grown up! So happy for you guys! Sounds like life is wonderful!!! Good luck on the packing up and moving out! You take it easy with that little babe in your belly! You have such a cute family! We miss you, and want to have a play date soon!