Wednesday, May 29, 2013


What did I EVER do before I had a baby?
... Ya, I don't know either.
A few weeks ago, Tony's mom took her for a night so Tony and I could have a little night to ourselves. I sat at home waiting for him to get home from work. I did not know what to do with myself! I was so sad to not have Olivia to play with! I seriously counted the hours til we would see her again. Although it was a fun night, I was going crazy. I'm not attached at all.
Anyway, it's been a couple months since I've posted, which is horrible, I know. It's been busy. Tony has had almost zero time. Working at the Golf Course every morning, then working some nights at The Crepery (THE BEST!! It's making my mouth water thinking about it). This means I get to be at home a whole lot. A. Whole. Lot. A conversation with an 8 month old can only go so far. I thought I was going to lose it when our computer broke. We didn't have one for two weeks, and not having much contact with the outside world was killing me a little inside. But happy day, we have one again and I'm a little more sane. Just a little.
So the whole reason I am making this post is to hopefully avoid the constant question "Why is Olivia wearing a helmet?" So here's the story.
When Olive was born, she was super cramped in there cause I didn't have a lot of fluid to cushion her. So when she came to this world, it took us a couple months to notice that she only ever slept on one side of her head. That's what I get for being a fist time parent and having no idea on what's going on. So turns out she has Torticollis. Which is a strain in her neck muscles. Her neck muscles were super tight and it was rough for her to turn her head, and hold her head straight. So we took her to Physical Therapy for a while (They were amazing) and we finally graduated! She has improved leaps and bounds compared to when we first went in to get it checked out. She still has a little trouble, but we keep stretching her and its getting better and better.
Because of her Torticollis, Olivia now has Plagiocephaly. Sounds scary, right? Haha, my mom thought so too when we told her. Tony and I were at the doctors and he told us what it was. I texted my mom being all serious saying she has Plagiocephaly and has to go to therapy :'(  Hahaha, bad thing to do to a grandma. She called, said a few words I'd rather not say on our family blog, and wanted to know what the crap it was. I couldn't keep a straight face or voice very long. So It just means she has a flat head.
HENCE- the helmet. Just helps her head round out as it grows.
Good thing she's so darn cute in it. Cause we're likely to be sporting it for the next 6ish months. Kill me now? We're still trying to get used to it, but I think she's used to it more than I am. She and I had our good amount of crying the first week. We're ok now.
So that's the story.
I REALLY wanted to bedazzle the crap out of it, like, for reals, jewel stickers all over, but then when she started army crawling everywhere, putting anything in her mouth, I figured I didn't wanted bejeweled poop... or a choking baby. That, and how often they'll be making adjustments, it just would have been a hassle. However, I have found out that duck tape works wonders. Thank heavens for all the cute patterns they have now.
She's rocking her new accessory. Sometimes she'll crawl head down and run into stuff and it doesn't even phase her. Or she'll be playing with a toy and just smack it on her helmet. She's bad-a. I love my little munchkin.
By the way- 8 months? I'm weirded out at how fast this has gone.
She's mobile and getting into everything she can! She's also 21lbs now and clearly loves to eat. She's my little puppy and just stares at me when I eat, begging for a bite. She's funny.
Now here are some pics to end this thing!
This one is actually a 7 month one. She looks pretty disgusted here. I don't know why, haha.

At the park. Begging for Mom's Slurpee.

Love this picture.

Haha she just woke up from a nap and gave the "why pictures" face.
I love her little alfalfa hair that sticks up in the hole of the helmet. Love her :)
Til next time!!


  1. She is so perfect! I love how you styled her helmet. So classy. You are the cutest mom!

  2. Oh my word! Love the decorated helmet! So cute! I can't stop laughing at the last picture! I love it!!!