Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'ma sap

First, lets start this thing out with a sappy mom wondering where the crap her newborn has gone.

Remember that one time I had a 5lb baby? She looked like this.
And this.
 SO tiny, right?
Then she started to get a little big.

About one month.

Two months.

Three months.

Four months... Yelling at The Price Is Right...

Five months
And now 6 months.

My 5lb skinny baby turned into a 19lb chunk! 
She is such a diva.
Loves banana.
HATES peas with a passion. (I realized when she spit them all over my face)
Loves to play with her toys.
Hates when mom walks out of the room.
Loves all attention on her.
Hates bedtime, but sleeps a good 10 hours.
Loves to stand.
Hates to be on her tummy.
Loves to say dadadadadadadadada... Not happy bout that one.

Ah I just love her!!

So, quick story. One time I was called to be in the Young Women. I LOVE THIS CALLING! However, one day, we decided to go to JumpZone for mutual. It was so much fun!Except when I thought i had to do just one last backflip into the pit. SNAP went my back and out went all of the air in my body. Thought it was just a tweak. Naaah.. It got worse. Went to the doctor, he thought at first it was a compression fracture. THANK HEAVENS, after xrays, its just part of my scoliosis and i just strained/tore a couple muscles.. No big deal. HOWEVER, constantly lifting a 20lb baby with a back injury is a lot harder than one might think. This might take a while. And that is what I get for thinking I'm 8 years old and in gymnastics again.  At least I currently gots mah pain pillz. Ok. Done for the day. I need sleep!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone?! She is just adorable! I'm glad your back is ok! Take it easy!