Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why is the ice cream always gone?

I sit here during my first real break of the day. These sour gummy worms just aren't cutting it because I want a massive bowl of moosetracks ice cream. Such is life, right?
I just got over my first "poop in the tub" experience. I would not like to repeat it, but something in my gut just tells me I'll have to deal with it and expect it in the future.
So I'm completely ready for it to be Spring already. A mixture of being a stay at home mom, postpartum junk, and it being ridiculously cold and gloomy is not doing me well. I'll have to admit that it's been a real struggle at times. I've never been the typical happy-go-lucky chick in the first place, but I know I need to try harder to have that be part of my attitude... blech... :)
Although life has been seeming a little "blech" lately, I still love being a stay at home mom and enjoy my days with Tony and Olive. 
There are times that I compare and struggle with looking at other's lives on social media. THEN the same social media enlightened me with this quote that I love.
"Never compare your behind the scenes to another's highlight reel"
LOVE, right? I fail miserably at this, but at the same time its too too true. So as that is in my mind, 
with my adorable family, Vampire Diaries (don't judge) keeping me occupied during feedings, listening to John McLaughlin (holy voice smooth as BUTTAH), and the fact that Arrested Development is now on Netflix, I'm happy for the most part. Baby is getting cuter and funner so that's also a plus to life.
Oh, did I tell you how much of a chunk she is? Ya, 15 freaking pounds. LOVE HER ROLLS!
Watch her first bite of oatmeal at the link above

Yeah I'd say I'm pretty lucky. 

So I've had a few friends post on their blogs about things going on ten, five, two years ago. It really got me thinking. Here goes my little blast from the past.

Ten years ago:
AWKWARD 13 year old
Probably the time I was obsessed with Dreamstreet. Come on, they're babes.
That one time I was in that weird transition from Middle School to High School.
I had the WORST eyebrows known to man. My mom taught me how to pluck, but I thought I could do better than she did. I was severely wrong. Hence my sharpie/mexi looking face.
Was known as "Lindsay's little sister" 
Got my first "Utah haircut"

Five years ago:
Fresh out of High School
First semester at Utah State University

Got my first kiss over with and ended up going a little lip slut crazy
Perfected my guitar playing skills to schmooze on guys... and it worked.
Started working at Chrysalis. Loved it, but so glad I'm done!
Was doing little shows here and there showing off my steamy voice
Tried out for American Idol, just so I could say I did
Completely and shamefully boy crazy.
Losing weight from being a fatty mcfatster
Lived with CRAZY people. I swear, I didn't have a good roommate until I had been in Logan for three years. 

Two years ago:
Went through two terrible breakups, and was at the point where I didn't care about men.
Finally decided that Social Work was what I wanted to do with my education.
Was obsessed with Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana soup.. Holy craps its good.
Jerika Barnes (she's a babe) and I had this small infatuation with Jersey Shore, and to this day, it is sadly still a guilty pleasure. 
Then we have Tony who walked into my life... well I kinda walked into his.
I discovered eyelash extensions. I MISS THEM SOOO BAD!! For real. 
Learned how to drive a motorized scooter. 
Had seriously the best summer of my life, getting engaged, carefree life, spent every day with Tony. AMAZING!

And here I am today!! If you asked me five years ago where I think I would be today, I would have guessed right. Married, baby, livin the dream!! 

Well, my break is over. Baby is up. Til next time!


  1. She is such a chunk! I just want to squeeze her!!!!! So adorable! I'm with ya on the stuck in the house blues.... Hang in there!

  2. I think we might be soul mates??? Also. Can I have your baby?

  3. adorable blog! just found ya through a friend! cute post, too. love lookin back and reflecting and what we've been through and learned. :)