Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oy Vey.

Holy craps. Its been a while. Tony and I kinda suck at this blogging deal. So lets update here on whats been going on in our little family.

Our little blue eyed beauty! So far. She has this kind of dark blue eye right now which looks like Tony's but it could still change. She is hilarious. This little babe has quite the sass in her. She is now about 2.5 months old now and boy is she a character! Stubborn like her mama. She just loves to lay down and have her kicking time. It's the best to watch her little chunks go and go. She is starting to sleep in her crib and we're still getting used to it. Usually when we put her down, in about 2.5 seconds she is up and just looking at the world. UGH! But it is getting better thanks to Glowy the glow worm that the beautiful Nonnie got for her. She LOVES that thing! Little Olive is officially smiling as well as talking and babbling up storms, and it just MELTS MY HEART! Wow I'm such a sucker. She is a dramatic talker. She only knows how to talk when she's super happy or if she pretends to be sad. So funny! The best is when I walk into her room and see her calmly looking everywhere, and I put my face to hers and she greets me with the biggest dimply smile. TO DIE FOR I tell ya!! We discovered that she is a fantastic traveler so far. She is pro at zonking out in her car seat on long car trips. Thank. Heavens. Otherwise trips to see Grandmas and Grandpas would be nightmares. Why does family have to live so far away? Torture. Her favorite time of day is bath time. I've never seen a child love bath time. Ever. Yet this one is just in her element when the warm water is flowing on her head and she is in her little tub letting her chubby legs float. She had her first meltdown the other day when my mom was here helping me bathe her and we took her out. I couldn't help but laugh at how angry she was. I guess I get mad when I have to get out of my warm baths too... Fair enough.  Anyway, Olivia is growing perfectly! I am in complete love with my mini best friend.
We LOVE dressing her up, and this adorable outfit is all because of her lovely Grandmama. How.
Our little indian at Thanksgiving
Someone was not a fan of the pool when she first got in.. but it took a minute and she was in heaven!
It's blurry, but its a smile. We love her!

Rockstar. With all the junk thats been going on lately, I would be dead if I was married to anyone else. That may seem dramatic, but I'm serious. He is so wonderful. He is honestly an unbelievable father and husband. With me being in and out of hospitals and such, he has taken his roles to the next level. I would have never expected so much from someone. He definitely is the most selfless person I've ever known and has stepped up a lot in these past two months. Even through this hellacious semester, he has made sure Olivia and I are happy and taken care of. I think I'll make a list of his amazingness:
*Him always taking the morning shift so mommy can get a little more sleep and doesn't kill people
*Taking ALL shifts when I was in the hospital
*Making sure to give me hugs and kisses when I am having meltdowns
*Being understanding when I have meltdowns (Still happens often :/ I need to get back to normal dangit)
*Going to school and working so hard to get done as soon as he can. No matter how much homework he has or how long his classes are, he always makes time for his girls and I can't be more thankful.
*Man he's still so attractive and always looks good
*Him being a worthy Priesthood holder has been one of the biggest blessings. Him presiding over our home and family and being able to give blessings is so incredible. Its exactly what we need and he is always so willing and in tune with the spirit when a blessing needs to be given.
*No one can make me laugh like he can. I've been a little bleh lately, and no matter what, that boy makes sure that I get my smiles and laughs in for each day.
Ok ok, I know this post is getting super mushy, but I just love my husband and daughter so much. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

So update on Lauren:
So I was just getting over my "I just had a baby" slump when BAM. Back in hospital. Here's the story with that. So Mara was taking a trip to Cedar City and invited me down for the few days so I could visit my mom and dad. Awesome. I needed to get out and it was a great opportunity! So we made the drive down. Grandma and grandpa were loving baby time and it was nice to be outside of my own 4 walls for once. Well my dad got a call for business and my mom didn't want to go, so he offered it to me. Lets see, 30 hours, travel to North Carolina to pick up a kid, and 300 bucks? Done. We are living off our savings currently, so a little extra Christmas money is always a good thing right? So off we went. When we were in Salt Lake City airport, there was this greek food place that smelled DIVINE. So my dad and I got some. I. Got. So. Sick. My dad said he only got a touch of what I had but I had full blown couldn't hold anything down sickness. It was awful. I traveled the whole way and couldn't even hold down a sip of water. Through all this sick nastyness, I started having severe upper abdominal pain. I had it a few times while I was pregnant towards the end, but they just chalked that up to baby pushing on my ribs. But this time I wasn't pregnant. So weird. So we got back to Cedar and I had after trying to play hero, I eventually went to the ER. I NEVER go to the doctor unless I seriously need to, so thats saying something. So in we went and let me tell you, Cedar City Emergency room is probably the worst care I've ever received. I was shaking I was in so much pain. They asked the questions and I answered. What did they do? No tests, no screenings, no IV's to rehydrate me (my spit had turned to complete foam by this point.) they didn't even touch me. "Oh, we think its just an ulcer, here are three prescriptions for pills, go home." Oh h to the freaking no. Remember the whole "I can't even hold down my spit." part? Yeah, they're idiots. We even asked them why they didn't do an ultrasound or an xray. They told us it wasn't "emergency" enough. I think losing 15lbs in two days is emergency enough, thank you very much. So I realized I wouldn't have any kind of help in Cedar, so I would just have to wait the day til I got back to Logan. So basically, the minute I got home, Tony immediately rushed me to the ER. All I can say is bless Logan ER. They ran every test, they hooked me up to fluids cause I was so dehydrated, they called doctors who could possibly specialize in bariatrics, they got things done.
Now at this point, I had suspected my lap band had slipped (something we also mentioned to Cedar City, but obviously they didn't care). Logan didn't have a specialist, so my doctor called Salt Lake trying to find someone who knew all about this stuff. He found one. So after a few hours in the ER, off in an ambulance they took me to Salt Lake. Next morning, ran more tests, and the doctor had found that not only did my band slip, but i had a hiatal hernia, aka, part of my stomach was up through my esophagus. Now all my heartburn and acid reflux I had had for years made sense, but now after being sick, it made it 100% worse and closed off my stomach. At this point I just said to take the band out and fix whatever needed to be fixed. Well apparently, this was bad. My doctor said he had never worked or had seen a hernia this big. Yay me. I like to go all out. Anyway, a while later, I was fixed and recovered at the hospital for a few days.
Everyone was so amazing, from getting flowers, taking care of my sweet baby while I was in the hospital (which KILLS you, knowing you can't take care of your baby. I had a hard time) from people coming to visit, both grandmas helping me so much, and my sweet husband for being there the whole time and sleeping in a hospital bed by my side. THANK YOU. I am so blessed. Yes this was a small trial for our family, but Heavenly Father knew exactly when it needed to happen and gave us the resources to make it through.
Now I'm excited to get over this little slump. I'm constantly getting better and it feels good. I can finally be a mommy again! Woot woot!
So thats the basic update on us. Next blog post I'll try to make it less serious and boring. And a lot sooner.

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  1. OH MY WORD!! That first picture of Olivia melts my heart! She is so darn cute! LOVE the smile picture! Glad you are getting back up on your feet and feeling better! What a man Tony is! Thank you for the update! I love to read your blog!