Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm glad Tony was able to give a little update yesterday. He's really good at those. I've decided to photobomb update our lives for the past couple months. Most of it is baby and such, so deal with it. We're excited ok?

First off, we decided to do a little art project for baby's room. You know the whole Pinterest thing to take elmer's glue and paint over it? We did that and then just mixed glue with paint. It was fun to play around with.
 One of Tony's awesome masterpieces.
 I did this one and painted purple over it. Turned out super cute.
 This picture I just found on Tony's Itouch.. Apparently bums like to sleep on the golf course where T works and he has to wake them up and tell them to leave.

The next two pictures below are from an Improv Comedy show we went to. Originally supposed to be 8 bucks but this random dude outside the thing gave them to us for free. Score? Yes.
 I don't know what he did to make me pull this face, but I thought it was a funny picture.

We set up the crib! Woot woot. Thats basically all I've been able to do so far, but it was fun to put it together. Thanks to the lovely Maddi for documenting it for us. 


So if you're my facebook friend, you might be able to recall a status I posted the other day about my child having a huge head and a mullet. Its the truth. The doctor measured me at 33 weeks (when i was only 32ish) and said the head was 34.5 weeks.... Joy... And on the ultrasound we really did see the little wispies of a mullet. I think I may listen to too much 80's music. Anyway, this is the little one. I can't believe she is coming so fast. CRAZY!
Last but not least, I'll give the typical prego picture along with the questions.
This is my 32 weeker.

How far along are you? 33 weeks!
Total weight gain: 12lbs
How big is your baby? Fat. And I love it :) currently about 4.5lbs
Maternity clothes: Still just my comfy leggings and basketball shorts.
Stretch marks?: No new ones to report
Sleep: SUCKS!!!! That is one thing I miss. I pee 50 times a night and it takes forever to get to sleep and be comfy.
Best moment this week: Seeing how much she's grown since week 20. Its so amazing.
Movement: She is one active one. She goes through her growth spurts when she sleeps lots and lots during the day which makes me worry occasionally, but for the most part she is making my belly super lopsided.
Food cravings: Jamba Juice. Still anything sweet.I still eat whole pans of Rice Krispies.
Food aversions: Ugh, those have come back into full swing. There are days I can eat whatever, but days like today when I throw up anything and everything. It just depends on the day :(
Labor signs: I get little braxton-hicks now and then, but nothing too scary.
Belly button in or out: Inny
What I miss: Sleep. Good sleep. And when my back hurts a lot less. She likes to push on it lots. And eating regularly.
What I'm looking forward to: Having this little girl dang it!!! I am so curious how she really looks and now how she looks according to her squished face inside my womb :) Totally looks like she has Tony's lips though according to this last picture. And clearly she has my fat head and mullet. But I'm so excited to see her.


  1. You are a good blogger George!! I love you and Tony so much. I'm getting so excited. Maybe next time I come up you can set me up to blog too!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love all the pictures! You are looking amazing! I can't wait to meet that little girl! Thanks for the update and pictures! :) Keep blogging!

  3. You are teeny-tiny, and look fantastic!