Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zombies ruin your plans

Lately, Tony goes to bed at 9. It is the worst thing to ever happen. Ok, not really, but it's NOT fun for me. Now, we get maybe one night, if that, a week where he stays up, and we actually have an evening together. What did we plan on doing on this night we had together?

Build our tent in our living room
Watch movies and cuddle
Eat yummy dinner in tent
Sleep in there all night

So this was our plan right?
Build our tent-

It was actually really fun. We had bought this tent last summer when we were engaged. We haven't used it since we bought it, so we thought we'd try it out!

Next- watch movies and cuddle...
What happened? I'll tell you what happened.
This gem

Plants vs. Zombies
If you have ever played it- don't. You WILL get addicted. I don't ever get addicted to games really, but Tony and I found this free try out version and literally spent HOURS on it. As funny as it sounds, it was a fun bonding time for us. We would take turns, eat while the other was doing there level, cheer each other on, and freak out when the zombies got close to our back door. Probably one of the funnest date nights we've had in a while. I am actually heartbroken because the free version ran out. Like i literally almost cried. Stupid hormones. We are seriously going to buy this game. A wonderful 6.99 we will spend.
ANOTHER reason why we didn't go through with all of our plan was this other lovely game.

You Don't Know Jack...
So my dad used to have this game when we were kids and we LOVED it. I had completely forgotten about it until my baby bro told me he had been playing on facebook. So half the time, Tony and I were planting, and killing zombies, when the other half of the time we were obsessed with trying out our trivia skills on this. All thanks to Ty- who is moving up to Logan soon and I cannot express how STOKED we are!!! It's hard living so far away from family, so having him up here will be such a blessing! He's such a stud, so ladies- keep your eye out ;)

Anyway, we did check another thing off our list from our original plan.... kinda... We slept in our tent. Or, at least until 6am when my back and baby would not allow it anymore. Then we both just hopped into our extremely hot bedroom and zonked out for the remainder of the morning.

All in all- Success.

So in other news- Baby has been growing like crazy! Here is a picture of my 25 week belly, followed by this little prego survey blog thingy I found. Then it will be the end of a super long post. So hope you like this picture where I look like a sunburned bee.

How far along?  25 weeks, just 15 to go!!!
Total weight gain/loss?  I believe I am at 12lbs overall now. This last week almost made me cry cause it jumped a whole lot compared to how I was originally going in the weight department.
Maternity clothes?  Well my wardrobe now consists of mainly leggings, and big shirts. A couple maternity shirts, but nothing too grand. I still wear some of my regular clothes.
Stretch marks? Remember that one time I was fat? Yeah, stretchmarks were on my body when i was born I think
Sleep?  It is getting harder! I am always in need of my amazing body pillow.
Best moment last week? Hearing baby O's heartbeat at my Dr's appointment. Sounded like she was on something cause of all the sugar I had to consume because of my glucose test drink...
Movement?  Feelin her jump and kick around! Except one day, i think she was going through a growth spurt, cause she slept like 99% of the day, until her 2am kicking party she likes to have every morning.
 Food cravings?  Fruit snacks, Rice Krispie treats, Cheesecake. My mommy's bologna sandwiches- Oh my gosh I could kill someone for one of those right now. I never crave healthy things.
Gender? Baby girl!
Labor signs? None that I'm aware of? I hope it stays that way for a while.
Belly button in/out? In. I think I'll be good in the innie button area for a while actually. Not sure if it'll ever pop, but who knows.
What I miss: Being useful.  I want to cook and clean and be up and about a lot when I can't because of back aches, or feeling nasty sick, or whatever reason.
What I am looking forward to: Nothing really this week at least. I get to buy fruitsnacks tomorrow :D This pleases me.
Milestones: The 25 week mark is a pretty good viability mark! So if something were to happen to little Olive, the hospitals would actually use medical intervention to save her and she would have a chance. So woohoo!! Haha. Lets just hope she keeps growing a little while longer before she tries to get out.


  1. You are looking way too cute! Love the baby bump! I'm glad your date night ended up well! Sounds like so much fun! You guys are cute! I can't wait to see that baby girl!!!! :)

    P.S. How fun that Ty is coming to Logan! I haven't seen him in YEARS. Maybe next time we come down and visit you can drag him along! HAHA!

  2. Now that I will be living close to you, I decided I should start stalking you in every way possible. Yes, I must admit this is the first time I've read your blog. I must apologize. BUT I will not fail now. I need to know what's going on so we can chat when we see each other ALL THE TIME!!! I love you guys!