Sunday, June 3, 2012

I know its a precious gift... but....

Insomnia.... It sucks. However, boredom does get the best of me. What was my adventure for this night? You know those websites that combine your face with your significant other's face and it pops out an image of your child? Bingo.

Here are the pictures I decided to work with. Just cause they're the prettiest pictures we have of our faces...
This one for Tony... Cause he's just such a freaking babe in it.
And this one for me. This was the only face on picture of me without it being a fat picture, or back in my "duck lips" phase.

Wanna see the results?
....................................... Heaven help our child..... Pleeeeeeeease please please no... Go ahead people, try It will make you cry. Not the good cry.

Then the next site I tried was This one was actually kinda legit. It made you pinpoint different features and prepare the pictures so you got an accurate morph.. This was our result from that one.
Not too bad with this one... It was actually kinda creepy cause you can really see parts of me and Tony both in there. I did the boy picture for this website, but that one turned out kinda creepy, so I'll stick with the girl.

Last but not least... Now this is a really good site for pregnancy. I have used it many many times to compare my baby to what size of fruit it measures up to. Now.. as for baby picture generators. This one truly scared me. You know those evil demon dolls that you see every once in a while that would make you pee your pants as a child? Or have you ever heard of the movie "Chucky?" Well. Here you go.
H to the freaking No.... A- Where the crap did the ginger hair come from? Not gonna happen. B- Why would an infant have that much hair. C- Its creepily cuddling a cat, or killed it and decided to wear it as a necklace.
Needless to say, to those who want to potentially have fun and see what your baby might look like, DO NOT go to option 1 or 3. If you are pregnant- It will make you continue to worry if you are going to have a fugly child. If you are not, it will possibly prevent you from wanting to have one. Go ahead and try option 2. It was fun and you can also pick from a variety of celebrities just for fun.
I think I might want to go to bed now, but I'm afraid some of the images in this blog alone might haunt my dreams tonight.


  1. Oh my heck this made me laugh so hard! I've always wanted to try one of those things but knew they would probably be weird! Glad you found one that kinda worked :) So excited for you girl!

    ~ Sarah G.

  2. Lol!l! No, no, non ono! The second one is adorable. The third one made me pee a little, both from laughter and fright! Blog on lor blog on!

  3. aah! I just laughed sooo hard. and i'm at work right now so i probably sound crazy.