Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welp.. Guess I found a new goal!

So... yeah, I obviously suck at this whole blogging thing. I don't know how some people do it! I decided today that I am the biggest blogstalker EVER. I think I have a problem. It also makes me realize how one of my goals needs to be to keep up with this whole dealy. So here it goes!!

Update from the last three months...

February was pretty much covered.

March- Uh... Nothing but school and work. I had my 10 week doctor's appointment and that was pretty cool.
And there's the little munchkin!!!! Gosh I love this baby already. Feeling all the little kicks he/she gives me every day just makes my heart so happy. Aside from this- nothing really exciting happened the rest of the month.

April- At the beginning- WE WENT TO DISNEY!! Oh my gosh, since I haven't been since I was what, 15, it was SO FUN! I even went on a few rides that said Expectant mothers should not ride... But I figured there wasn't super hard harnesses, and not too much jerking motions, so I was fine. And whatdya know! Here I am :) But it was sooo nice to be able to go with Tony and his family. They are such wonderful in-laws!
Ya I felt super ugly and gross the whole trip, but figured I already had a husband so who the freak cared. I love when I get those realizations. Good thing he kinda likes me.

This month, I also got to say peace out to my good friend Kendra who is going to be an AWESOME missionary... well IS an awesome missionary. Mara and I took our little journey from Logan to Cedar. It was much needed for the two of us. Even if it was just 24 hours. I was spoiled rotten by my mama who likes to remember every craving I have told her in the past and likes to make it for me. I LOVE HER!

Now we're in May!!!

SCHOOL IS FINALLY OUT!! Holy smokes I never thought it would end. For serious. Now I get to start my break at least for a year while I get to learn how to be a momma. SO excited for it! Bring it on!

Tony started his summer job at the golf course and quit that horrible other place that is not to be names. Ugh. He comes home so much happier now! I love having him come home so energetic. Bless his heart he is so wonderful and works so hard for our little family. And he's just so handsome while doing it. I scored. Never could I have ever imagined someone who would deal with my crazy prego hormones like he does. Speechless.

Now our days consist of work, The Big Bang Theory, and me trying out as many pinterest recipes as possible. In TWO WEEKS people, we find out the gender of the little one! I. Cannot. Wait! I've been dying to know forever now. Tony SWEARS its a girl, but wants a boy. I SWEAR its a boy. Either way, one of us will be right, right? Anyway, this is already a super long blog, so peace out for now! I'll try my absolute hardest to keep up with this from now on. 


  1. How fun,Lauren! I didn't realize you had a blog! I'm so excited for you to have a little baby. :) You'll have to make a trip to Colorado so I can spoil it! Or...at least head south when I'm in utah again. Love you and I'm soooooooo grateful you're happy :)