Monday, May 14, 2012

Prego Meltdowns

So far, this pregnancy has been fairly easy for me. I actually really do enjoy it. I decided to make a Pros and Cons list..

* Random nauseous periods of time where I can only bum on my couch
* Peeing literally 8 times in the middle of the night and having the urge every time I stand up
* Fat clothes making their appearance once again
* Complete exhaustion after only showering and getting ready for the day
* Crazy backaches at all times of the day
* Crying at the STUPIDEST commercials
* Wanting to eat absolutely everything but not being able to afford to eat out at yummy restaurants every night

* Knowing that I have the ability to make a baby
* Feeling the little one kick
* Being able to go to my doctor and see how much he/she is growing
* The relationship growth between Tony and I
* The stronger relationship with my mom - you'd be surprised at how often you call her and ask if a symptom is okay or not..
* The fact that people are TELLING me to gain weight for once in my life haha.

Although the pros and cons are fairly even, I am enjoying it... except one thing.. When at least 3 of the cons symptoms are present, something happens to me and its called a Prego Meltdown. I have had quite a few of these in the past couple months. And the trigger is always the most RIDICULOUS reason to start breaking down crying.
Like the one time I was craving Olive Garden so bad, but we are trying to save money so I thought there was no way I could have it- What did I do? Stupidest thing ever. I went to to look at what I was craving. Tony came to sit by me while I was crying hysterically, made me get my shoes on, and straight to OG we went. Yes.. I am THAT pathetic.
Another incident would have to be when a pair of my bigger pants no longer fit me anymore. For most of you who know me, I was fat. Like 315lbs fat. So this has been an interesting situation to have the need to get bigger and put on lbs (Which this whole pregnancy has only been a 1lb increase and some are worried) ANYWAY, yes I had a meltdown because I was getting fat again and I couldn't stop it and as most girls would understand- of course "fat" is directly related to attractiveness factor. So again- I cried about how fat I was and Tony again, saved the day.
Today was yet another prego meltdown. Why? Because I went over our budget at the grocery store. I knew i should have saved a little more, but when Tony came home and asked how much I spent, i hesitantly said how much. He did nothing wrong. But he got the "how can we cut back next time" look and started thinking. How did I take that? Let me tell you.I finished dishes, and went back into the bedroom to cry. After 10 minutes of installing our air conditioner, Tony comes to find me lying face down in my pillow sounding more concerned than I've ever heard him before. I felt like a horrible failure of a wife and like the world was just against me. All because I went over budget... So.. Stupid...But again- Tony helped.
Basically- I need to stop having these crazy psycho moments cause Tony is going to leave. No he won't. But I feel so bad for him. Bless his heart. I married a stud.
 Ok my rant for the day is done. I want a baked potato. Peace!


  1. Baha! Lauren you are so cute! I laugh because I can so relate. I was also so glad to read I'm not the only one who feels like they have run a 10 k after just showering and getting ready! haha. Miss you cute girl!

  2. I love that I seem to make it in all of your blogs. I feel like a stud of a mom. lol

  3. Tod gets that look . . . it makes me feel like I am a dummy-head. I hate it, even though I know in my heart of hearts he is not thinking that I am a dweeb, I think he is thinking that and it makes me crazy. This after 26.5 years of marriage.

  4. I freakin love you Lauren! Don't worry, I tried to give our baby away because I "wasn't going to be a good mother" when I was pregnant. We really can all relate to the craziness!

  5. dude...pregnancy meltdowns are THE WORST! and i'll tell you doesn't get better! Freak, I am a rain cloud these days. What the H? I AM SO EXCITED YOU ARE PREGNANT! how exciting!

  6. Oh Yay! You finally have a blog! And how did I not know about this?! The craziness of being pregnant... hang in there! Love ya! my blog is private... If you want an invite send me an e-mail at jaclynmwride(at)live(dot)com!