Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Post!

Well.. I guess I'm officially one of "those" married people ;) Haha just kidding, I love all my friends who blog. I'm super jealous cause they seem so good at it. Its the perfect way to keep up on everyone's life when I don't get to talk to them much. So here we are! Tony and I decided to start a blog!.... Well, I did. But he'll participate soon enough.

So, where to start? Quick and dirty version- Tony and I were married September 9, 2011. We have officially been married 5 months as of a few days ago. It has been amazing. We've done a little traveling, have been loving poor married student life going to Utah State, working our tails off and just surviving and loving each other one day at a time! We love playing games whether its Yahtzee, Canasta, or Rummy. We are frequent customers at Village Inn for their free pie night- which sounds SO good right now. Tony LOVES playing basketball and I LOVE to go watch him.

Not a whole lot going on, but life is good. Back in December, Tony and I found out that we were expecting a baby, but unfortunately I miscarried. I hadn't told anyone about it because it was such a tough time for the both of us. I never realized how hard a loss like that could be. Unexpectedly however, In January, I found out that I am pregnant again. I was shocked for one, cause I didn't think it would happen so soon after what had just happened. Tony likes to think that he can predict when I am prego now, and says that he already knew.... pffft. Anyway, currently I am about 6 1/2 weeks along and hopefully it will be successful :) I go in for my first prenatal appointment next Tuesday the 21st. FREAKING OUT! I just hope everything will be okay! We haven't told many people about it and this blog will probably be kept a secret until we decide to go public with the news, but I just thought it would be a fun idea to start documenting now.

Thats just a little for now, there will surely be more to come. We're excited to update and keep up with this for all our friends and family.

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