Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Babies, Weddings, and Farewells

 I STILL cannot believe we are having a little girl. Its almost been a week since we found out and it is still just so strange to me to finally know i have a girl growing inside of me. From the second I found out we were pregnant, I would constantly wonder "If its a boy then..." or "If its a girl then..." After 20 weeks its such a relief to know! We are loving it though. Its crazy how much closer I feel to her now that I can call her a her, or by name. Ah. So wonderful.

We decided on the name Olivia Leona Budge.... flows, right? I've loved the name Olivia for years, and Leona is my middle name, as well as a family name, so we decided to put the two together.... I'm kind of IN LOVE with it.

On to other things... One of my bestest friends Taylor is getting married Saturday!!!
We had her fun time party last night and it was sweeeet! Filled with awesome games that I was too scared to google, but did. Turns out to really make a bachelorette party stand out haha. She's actually going through the temple today... so I may feel kinda bad about some of the raunch of last night haha. But she's amazing and will go through just fine!

Not to mention, she IS the one who caught my bouquet at my wedding. Creepy how that thing is right sometimes. But I am too excited for her to marry her awesome fiance Bryce. Saturday is going to be the biggest party Logan has seen since the HOWL.... Which is a pretty big deal, but this is going to be a billion times better... with a lot more clothing on the guests.

Another reason I love Taylor's wedding is the fact that it gives my parents an added excuse to come up to visit!! My momma and baby brother got to come up last week for my gender reveal and it was WONDERFUL! Every time I get some mom time- it makes my week. NOW I get to have FAMILY time! I'm stoked to have everyone up for the weekend.

Next subject- Chance Whitaker. Aka Tony's Cousin/brother.
If you don't know him, you're missing out. I have never met someone who is such a hoot. He did, however, hate me when I first met him because I was "Taking his Tony away." From then on, we've had this amazing love/hatebutnotreallyhate relationship. Anyway- this kid is going on a mission... like tomorrow. Tony and I were able to go to his "farewell" on Sunday. He did a wonderful job and made me cry, which was a jerk move really because I had to sing right after his talk. Who does that?! And yes, I did a musical number. When was the last time I performed? AT LEAST a couple of years- Not including my days of serenading in order to schmooze on guys, which- single ladies, is an effective way of landing a man. Go learn guitar and sing lots.

Back to the topic. My AMAZINGLY talented husband played a beautiful piano accompaniment along with is other amazingly talented friend Austin on the cello- hot dang it really makes a song absolutely gorgeous! I also got to sing with my lil sis Erin. After sacrament, we were able to have a little get together at the wonderful Budge household (Where my cute momma-in-law got me the CUTEST clothes for Olivia, Thank you!!). It was interesting to see how many ladies showed up. Whenever I walked past Chance, there were at least 5 girls waiting by, watching another hug him saying "Oh Chance, you're the best." Hahahahaha no lie I literally heard this all day. What a lady killer. He's going to be an incredible missionary, and I know Tony is going to go through withdrawals. Thanks for being such a great example!!
Haha this picture makes me laugh. It displays their relationship perfectly. And Tony looks super cute. Anyway, pretty sure thats it for this post. I keep telling Tony he needs to post on here, and he says he will, and it doesn't really happen. So maybe that will be my goal for this week.

Til next time! :)

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  1. I love your blog. Keep it up FOREVER! The picture you posted of Tony and Chance brought a squish to my heart. I love all of my family so much and little lady Leona has already snagged my heart just like her momma has :)